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I was born in Madrid where I have studied both maths and physics, though I have also enjoyed the universities and daily life of some other awesome places like Vienna, Brussels, Barcelona or Rio de Janeiro. I am currently doing my PhD under the supervision of Eduardo J.S. Villaseñor (UC3M) and Fernando Barbero (IEM-CSIC).

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My main interests turn around the mathematical aspects of General Relativity and Quantum Field Theories, specially in the presence of boundaries. Due to the characteristics of the spaces involved, I come across quite often with some tricky and subtle aspects of functional analysis, differential geometry and Hamiltonian mechanics. The ultimate objective of such study is gaining a better understanding of how a theory of quantum gravity might behave.



You can check my official office schedule at Campus global, you can however email me to arrange an appointment at a different time. You can find here my contact information.

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